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the power of halo with a battery backup for extra basement protection.

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Wayne Basement Guardian Strato System


The Wayne® Basement Guardian® Strato smart sump pump system leverages both cutting edge IoT technology to the battery back up system market. Like all Wayne pumps, STRATO has legendary reliability and performance thanks to the fact that it is engineered and Assembled in the USA. In fact the primary pump is tested to 5 MILLION cycles! This extraordinary system uses second generation Basement Guardian smart home technology, so you always know your basement is protected — even when the power is out. 

Wayne combined two pumps with one purpose; WORRY FREE BASEMENT PROTECTION! Engineered for reliable performance, the 3/4 HP AC primary pumps 4,620 gallons of water per minute while the 100W DC back up pump delivers redundant protection. The system comes pre-assembled and can be physically installed in about 15 minutes.

The innovative controller and mobile app provide critical information in real time. You can see how much water is in your sump pit, receive alerts for high water, pump clogs, and get accurate troubleshooting tips instantly. For extra piece of mind STRATO will alert you when the primary pump is beginning to fail so you can replace the system before a problem occurs. Moreover you can include neighbors, family members, and your plumber on the alert list so they can come to your aid in case of a flood. 

Download the mobile app for your Apple or Android phone and be confident that your basement is dry. Assembled in the USA using premium components, this pump offers superior performance and digital connectivity in a pre-assembled and easy to install package. Like all Wayne pumps, STRATO is ultra quiet. In fact, it is the Hardest Working Pump You'll Never hear®. Life is too short to worry about water in your basement! 





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